Sarah the 7th
greater New York

Bio: I am a full blown lunatic, fortunately without any defensive, violent features, lol, but true. I'm a survivor of more horrors than I like to admit, and although I hate to admit this, these violent experiences have had a huge and profound effect on my being. It baffles me to this day. I am a survivor, not a victim. I don't wish to attempt to educate or preach, yet I've learned the power of sharing, out loud, my deep seated fears, confusions and such, as well as the power of knowing I am not the only one in this state of being. My intention is to unlock my honest self, face and over come my fears, and recover my pure soul, opening my channel to God's love and enjoying that peace. I've led a very interesting, somewhat dark, dangerously risky at times, yet also wonderful life, as I've stumbled into many great travels, fine performances, met famous artists, sometimes even watching as they create, and spent time learning and experiencing numerous different cultures and peoples. So many great stories to share, and so many questions to explore! I have a great passion for music, ballet and all arts in general, as well as a fascsination for the human condition. This blog is yet another step toward reclaiming my soul and living as God intended for me.

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One thought on “About

  1. Love the dog – your dog? There’s something about how he’s looking up and waiting that brings joy.
    I’ll pray for you if you want me to. I noticed your comment at Levi’s. You don’t have to check out my blog or follow or anything. I’m a granny, a Christian since 1979. Used to be an artist with words, but now focusing on Jesus.
    I too struggle with fear, and will pray,

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