What am I afraid of?

I’ve yet to post for fear of judgement, how foolish of me. What happens here is expansion of understanding and exchange of differing perspectives. I try to follow the simple definition of ignorance which reads ” forming and or comimg to conclusion prior to thorough investigation” how true.
I follow 1 blog, that of a friend, and have been inspired to broaden my thinking and am perfecting the art of really listening to views that differ from mine, this is a gift. I can deprive myself of so much of lifes beauties, wonder, lessons etc. by so adamantly trusting my own opinions that I refuse to hear any different.
All humans have something valuable to share, I most certainly do, not because I feel intellectually superior, simply because I’ve survived so many things that are beyond the average persons imagination.
I here-by relinqu9sh my fear. Look forward to some interesting stuff, true stories, that can certainly expand perspectives and validate and strengthen faith and love of
Thank you for the forum.

2 thoughts on “What am I afraid of?

  1. Thank you, I wasn’t sure what tags were and I’ve just begun trying to navigate and learn all this. Please keeps the comments and improvement suggestions coming, I’ll never take offense. I must remember spell check! My use of the language comes naturally, but I ws never a good student, spelling and grammer are not alien, however I’m no expert!! Thanks again, this is going to be a great journey. Love Ya

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